Tales of Asperran

Episode 01: A Story to Tell

May 14, 2019

Tonight, we find ourselves at a makeshift camp within the WhiteLeaf wood of the Frontier. The massive stellar rings that surround the planet brighten the evening sky as small shafts of light break through the foliage to illuminate the campsite below. Lit from the above, we see a tent, ragged and blood stained gently shifting in the breeze of this cool night. The forest is quiet, save for the crisp pop of still warm embers, and the cries of a crow perched on a tree. An ill omen.

Our four Adventurers have not yet met, though they will soon find themselves brought together by the terrible luck of a stranger, and a beast born in flames.

This episode contains an ambient soundscape created by the amazing © Sword Coast Soundscapes - 2017. All rights reserved.
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